April saw major US equity indices battle their way to new highs – most notably, the NASDAQ Composite, which finally broached its all-time high from the tech bubble peak late after more than 15 years. They could not hold this ground, however, as volatility in European debt markets, a Euro rally/USD decline and very weak initial Q1 GDP report (.2% growth vs a projected 1%) introduced uncertainty to markets that had been advancing with confidence. The Dow, S&P 500 and NASDAQ indices enjoyed very modest (sub 1%) advances for the month, while benchmark treasury yields rose as demand/bond prices fell due, in part, to dramatic increases in major European sovereign debt yields. Add to this a 25% snap-back rally in oil from the 6-yr low it reached in March and you have the makings for a reassessment/repricing of risk across asset classes. We believe these movements bear close watching and encourage our clients to keep themselves apprised of the financing alternatives available to them.

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